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Seven tips for seizing the spring cleaning season

Seven tips for seizing the spring cleaning season | Cleaning Services |

Traditional reasons for spring cleaning are not relevant to contemporary Australian life. We do not need to wait for the snow to melt before beating a winter’s worth of dust from our rugs. Few of us are obliged to undertake a thorough clean in preparation for a religious festival.

Here are seven tips for getting the most clean for your effort.

1. Manage your expectations -  don't start with a list of what you’d like to achieve – this will only lead to disappointment. Instead, work out how much time you have to allocate to your spring clean.

2. Preparation is key - get yourself ready by dressing in old clothes and not washing your hair.

3. Big rocks first - tackle the job that has been most annoying you first. You’ll be surprised, once you get going, how little effort it takes to clear those cobwebs that have been plaguing you for a year.

4. Friends with benefits - spring cleaning is a job best shared. Get everyone involved, remembering that even kids can be allocated manageable jobs.

5. Prioritise the extraordinary - don’t try to combine an ordinary clean with a spring clean and certainly don’t do regular cleaning in the days before a spring clean.

6. Outsource when needed - If you’ve got a bad back, a litter of young kids or literally no time, consider outsourcing your spring clean.

7. Reap the rewards - A spring clean can give you a deep sense of accomplishment and re-enliven your joy in living in your home.

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End of Lease Cleaners

End of Lease Cleaners | Cleaning Services |

Sydney is the place where we can find many professional cleaning companies in all across this city.  But how we can segregate the best among the bests of End of lease cleaning Australia services companies? Reputation of a cleaning company, professional cleaners Sydney, equipment's for the domestic cleaning services are the few aspects need to consider by a customer when he/she books their commercial cleaning Sydney.

Cleaning process is very essential for all houses to create pleasant ambiance inside the house. Everyday cleaning is very difficult for the people whose busy with their carriers, illness etc.  More over the oven, fridge, bath room, kitchen are required more effort than the floor cleaning. And also the unprofessional way of cleaning may cause to get damages in our electric machines.

Via Monica John
Monica John's curator insight, October 5, 2015 5:55 AM

Now a days, Sydney is free from the problem of choosing End of lease cleaners. The most trustworthy Sydney cleaning companies is Right Carpet Cleaning with for excellent service of End of Lease cleaning in Sydney.

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Au Naturel: Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Au Naturel: Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner | Cleaning Services |

Make scrubbing your bathroom easier with the help of a homemade toilet bowl cleaner that really works. And this commode cleanser leaves your powder room nice and fresh and costs just about nothing to make.

Vinegar and baking soda mix together to create serious bubbling action, which does all the dirty work for you. Sans harsh chemicals, this eco-friendly, natural toilet bowl cleaner will keep your bathroom sparkling.

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Finding a carpet cleaner, just became easier

Finding a carpet cleaner, just became easier | Cleaning Services |

Carpets can be a serious trouble. The feeling you get below your feet is awesome, they look great too, but every single thing you drop gets caught in them and every glass of wine you spill can ruin any carpet. Therefore, if your house is equipped with carpets, it is important to find a carpet cleaning company that can clean them at a normal rate and on a professional way too.

Top4s insight:

Cleaning a carpet is always a struggle. So leave it to professionals.

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Cleaning service Sydney

Cleaning service Sydney | Cleaning Services |

Every business has to be clean, a clean and professional looking office contains an important role in the business environment. It is of upmost importance that businesses are cleaned and organized for maximum proficiency for either client and employee. They are the ones that increase the business' efficiency. Therefor a professional cleaning company is something you should not cut your costs on.

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Your house, business and car often need to be cleaned, not just because it looks better. it is also important for your health.

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Labor will reverse pay cuts to cleaners

Labor will reverse pay cuts to cleaners | Cleaning Services |

FEDERAL Labor leader Bill Shorten has called on the prime minister to reverse a pay cut to cleaners in Parliament House and other government buildings.

MR Shorten said workers were losing up to $6000 a year after the government scrapped the Commonwealth Cleaning Services guidelines in 2014. The cost of reinstating them would be "negligible" but ensure about 1000 cleaners were paid properly, he told reporters in Canberra on Thursday.

"(They're) not the biggest group of people in Australia, not the most famous group of people in Australia, but certainly among the hardest-working group of people in Australia," he said, flanked by a handful of cleaners.

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How to Clean Your Toilet (Without Feeling Totally Grossed Out)

How to Clean Your Toilet (Without Feeling Totally Grossed Out) | Cleaning Services |

Cleaning the toilet is pretty much the grossest chore ever. But it doesn't have to be the most dreaded cleaning job on your list if you follow a few tips for making the task just a little easier. And once you get the hang of it, cleaning the commode will slip onto your not-so-dreaded list.

What You'll Need:

*  Toilet bowl cleaner
*  Cleaning gloves
*  Sponge
*  Toilet brush
*  All-purpose cleaner
*  Paper towels

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Need help around the house? This article is meant for you

Need help around the house? This article is meant for you | Cleaning Services |

As with gardeners, timbers and pool cleaners, there is a range of expertise and customer service when it comes to house cleaning services. Online providers such as Angie's List provide only one lead, which is what the local telephone book provides.

Doing a quick search at Craigslist will give you about 30 results of services offering to dust.

Top4s insight:

Looking for someone to clean your house? Read the article before deciding.

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tips on how to find reliable and professional carpet cleaner

tips on how to find reliable and professional carpet cleaner | Cleaning Services |

Hardwood floors are common in homes, but carpets are also still very common in living rooms and family rooms. The only downside with having carpets; they are extremely hard to clean. Carpets collect all flying dust.

So what to do against dirty carpets? At least clean them once a week. Another option is to have them professionally cleaned on regular basis. To keep your carpet good-looking and clean, you need to get a trustworthy and professional cleaner.

Top4s insight:

make sure you have a professional cleaning your belongings. If you have an unknown amateur, the risk of damage is bigger.

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